Friday, November 11, 2016

On what I've learned from my friends...

Last week I was talking to someone about the election. Yeah – my mistake.

Half way through the conversation the person said, “I don’t know how anyone could vote for candidate ________________.” The person then went on to say, “Any people I know that support ___________________, I am no longer friends with. I got rid of those people.

We are all entitled to form with relationships with any people we please. But the idea of quickly throwing someone away over a political disagreement makes me feel sad.

So I wanted to shift the conversation away from differences, and focus on something positive: what the amazing people in my life have taught me. I thought of all of the incredible people I’ve had the privilege of meeting, and then I thought about what I learned from our friendship. To the people in my life – I love you. Thanks for helping me become a better person.

Without further ado, here are the lessons I’ve learned from my friends. 

Alex Cash – Think about everything. Question everything. Remain open-minded.
Alexa Zimmerman – By the time she is age five, your niece can easily become a better person than you may be.
Amy Gafjken – While it’s tempting to correct people when they’re wrong, sometimes it’s better to remain silent.
Ashley Woods – Life is full of so much joy, so grab all of that each moment you can.
Barry Schmidt – Read the news, watch the news, and listen to the news. Just be informed.
Ben Klomsten – Don’t break the rules, find ways to make them bend.
Ben Vance – When the chips are down for a friend, be the person that calls to pick that person up.
Brian Goins – The most talented people need not brag, because their confidence comes from what they can do.
Brandy DeLeo – Be kind as long as you can. If being kind doesn't work – just shrug it off.
Bri Campo – Great friends are sacrificial.
Bri Fox – Advocate for yourself. Speak up for your needs. And never be scared to ask a good friend for help.
Cassi Hodgson – Any moment can become a silly moment.
Chris Cooper – You don’t have to put up with a shitty spouse. A good person will treat you well.
Courtney Kruse – Don’t rush through life. Take moments to do fun and silly things.
Danielle Dobies – Share your challenges with people – it helps them understand that life can be difficult.
Dan Kruse – Some people were born to give clear, concise directions.
Darrin Matthew Voris – Be the person that brings people together.
Del Belcher IV – Be kind to people. Try new things. Spend money on things you love.
Drew VanTongeren – Find ways to turn negative conversation into something productive.
Frances Gibbs – Don’t be afraid to try something you’ve never done before.
Gary Miles – Energetic children are a thing of joy, and their adventures should be shared on Facebook.
Gloria Klomsten – It doesn’t take anything away from yourself to compliment a stranger.
Guy McHendry – You really can have amazing discourse on Facebook, if the person leading knows what they’re doing.
Haley Mulroney – The first person you love more than yourself will likely be your niece.
Heidi Rhodes – The greatest joy in life comes from being with your friends.
Jack Campo – When you’re at work, give people your best. Help them. Serve them.
Jason Zimmerman – When giving people gifts, go all out.
Jessica Pierce – Children are amazing, and we need to do everything we can to understand them.
Jill Shaffer (I could probably devote a few blogs to how much I learned from Jill) – Before you speak, take a deep breath and think about what you’re going to say.
John Voelz – Be yourself. Always.
Jolene Schatzinger – You really can be kind to everyone.
Julia Belcher – Speak with everyone. Listen to them.
Justen Rhodes – Don’t just talk about helping people. Actually help people.
Karysa Trombley – Be boldly confident in the person that God made you to be.
Kelly Heath – You can be a busy and active mother, and raise outstanding children.
Mary Sterrett – Arrogance doesn’t look good on people. You can simply exist as an amazing person.
Mandy Stutenberg – Women can do anything and everything. And they can do it with unparalleled strength and grace.
Megin Worsham – Just because someone is quiet, doesn’t mean they aren’t the wisest person in the room.
Melissa Rickert – People are attracted to the person that gives them a kind smile.
Nancy Belcher – Diplomacy is learned over time, through interactions with people different than yourself.
Nicholas Quade – You don’t have to agree about everything (or even anything) in order to be friends with someone.
Paul Health – Be kind to your children, and make sure they always help the Sunday school teacher pick up a mess.
Renee Guerrero – Be passionate about what you believe in.
Robert Huschka – A good leader is willing to listen to anyone in the room.
Ryan Rammelt – The average person has more depth than you’ll ever know.
Shane Ebel – There is no problem too great than cannot be improved with one solid hug.
Stephanie Klomsten – A well planned party is a thing of beauty.
Stephanie Wright – Advocate for people that need help.
Steve Klomsten – Try to understand people. Seriously try.
Steve Trosin – Love your community, and try to make it better.
Terri McGarry – When people are talking to you – stop what you’re doing and listen.
Theresa Sieg – When cancer gets you down, tell cancer to go fuck itself.
Tim Maynard – Never doubt the power of well-placed sarcasm.

How about you? Who are the people you've learned from in your life? How have they helped you become a better person?

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